PescaDOLUS hosts, often in partnership with relevant organisations and institutions, international events bringing together researchers, experts and government representatives from a variety of relevant disciplines to raise awareness and enhance understanding of fisheries crime and stimulate cooperative action to address it.

First International Fisheries Crime Research Workshop

27 September 2017, Vienna

PescaDOLUS is hosting its first Fisheries Crime Research Workshop on 27 September 2017 at the Vienna International Centre Vienna, Austria. The Workshop will be held in collaboration with the Nordic Council of Ministers, the Norwegian Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries, the North Atlantic Fisheries Intelligence Group (NA-FIG), and the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC).

The Workshop will bring together experts and researchers from multiple disciplines from the Nordic region, African continent and Asia to share knowledge and research initiatives on the topic of fisheries crime. It aims to stimulate collaborative research and innovative solutions to addressing fisheries crime. The pool of expertise will include criminologists, economic crime experts, experts in criminal law, marine law and international law, economic sociologists, and policing.

The PescaDOLUS Workshop will follow the FishCRIME 2017 Symposium at the same venue on 25-26 September.

Book project: Transnational Organised Fisheries Crime

PescaDOLUS’ current book project will result in the publication of the first inter-disciplinary edited reference work on transnational organised fisheries crime.

This edited volume, compiled over the last 2 years, explores the concept of fisheries crime and analyses the challenges and opportunities inherent in the shift from approaching illegal fishing as a fisheries management problem to acknowledging it as a transnational organised crime problem. Through contributions from experts in various fields and jurisdictions, this work explores how transnational organised fisheries crime is understood as a legal and criminological phenomenon from the point of view of transnational crime and criminal law, and what new avenues this redefinition may open in the form of information exchange, criminal investigation, prosecution and restitution. The work aims to stimulate a rigorous academic conversation on the topic and to contribute towards practical solutions to address the problem of fisheries crime worldwide. Our hope is that this reference work will pave the way for a new field for multidisciplinary research and further study.


Third international fisheries crime symposium: FishCRIME 2017

25-26 September, Vienna

FishCRIME 2017 is the third in the series of international fisheries crime symposiums which started in 2015. Held in Cape Town, South Africa, FishCRIME 2015 was initiated and co-hosted by the PescaDOLUS network alongside the South African Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, the Norwegian Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries and Stop Illegal Fishing. FishCRIME 2015 was a first step towards initiating a global dialogue amongst diverse experts, academics, governments and international agencies on the topic of fisheries crime. The momentum of this conversation continued at FishCRIME 2016, hosted by the Government of Indonesia in Yogyakarta, co-hosted by PescaDOLUS, the Norwegian Ministry of Trade Industry and Fisheries, the United Nations Office of Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC). In 2016 the focus shifted to addressing fisheries crime throughout the value chain. PescaDOLUS is proud to co-host the symposium again this year alongside the Norwegian Ministry of Trade Industry and Fisheries, UNODC and the Indonesian Government. FishCRIME 2017 draws together high-level participants and international experts to highlight and advance commitment to tackling the transnational and inter-continental nature of fisheries crime.