International Symposium on FishCRIME

sif_FCimagev2Highly organised, well-financed transnational criminal activities are taking place within the global fisheries sector. The illegal harvesting, processing and trading of fish globally is now being linked to a wider black economy, a parallel economic system that detracts from sustainable and sound national economic growth and is frequently linked to complex webs of organised crime. Countries are being deprived of taxes, citizens of jobs, food and income, and fisheries and environments are being destroyed. In addition, certain networks within the fisheries sector associate with other crime such as drugs, trafficking, wildlife smuggling and fraud.

Intercepting criminal networks and prosecuting those in charge necessitates cooperation, both domestically, bilaterally, regionally and internationally, between fisheries experts and the police, customs, tax, port, security and labour authorities to gather and share information and intelligence and bring the criminals to book.

The International Symposium on FishCRIME attempts to kick-start this process.

The International Symposium on FishCRIME is being organised by PescaDOLUS and Stop Illegal Fishing in partnership with the South African Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries. The Symposium receives technical and financial support from the Norwegian Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries.


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The International Symposium on Fisheries Crime aims to provide both a space and a process for stakeholders to consider issues and options related to illegal fishing, fisheries crime and related crimes.

We encourage participation from African and non-African players and experts including:

  • Fisheries
  • Police
  • Judiciary
  • Customs
  • Tax
  • Port
  • Security services
  • Labour authorities
  • Policy-makers
  • Industry groups
  • Universities and research institutions; and
  • Civil society

The symposium will provide a neutral and independent forum in order to build trust and cooperation among participants ensuring that different interests and experiences are heard and considered.

To get involved, for more information or to register your interest to participate please contact:

July 10, 2015