Large Ocean Nations workshop 15 October, FishCRIME 2018


PescaDOLUS will host a Large Ocean Nations (LONs) workshop on the morning of 15 October as part of the 2018 FishCRIME symposium at the UN City, Copenhagen.

The aim of the workshop is awareness-raising on the challenges of Large Ocean Nations (LONs) around transnational organised fisheries crime and the establishment of the Large Ocean Nations Forum on Transnational Organized Fisheries Crime.

The establishment of the LONs Forum on Transnational Organized Fisheries Crime builds on the LONs Forum on Blue Growth launched in Malta, 2017. Discussion at the workshop will be framed by a video, produced by PescaDOLUS, launched at the workshop. The video will explain the particular vulnerability of LONs to fisheries crime and the challenges arising therefrom.

June 25, 2018