Large Ocean Nations workshop 15 October, FishCRIME 2018


PescaDOLUS will host a Large Ocean Nations (LONs) workshop on the morning of 15 October as part of the 2018 FishCRIME symposium at the UN City, Copenhagen. The aim of the workshop is awareness-raising on the challenges of Large Ocean Nations (LONs) around transnational organised fisheries crime and the establishment of the Large Ocean Nations Forum […]

Formation of ‘LE Femmes Network’ and visit to World Maritime University


The Fisheries Crime Working Group (FCWG) formed its law enforcement women’s network – the LE Femmes Network – at the UN City, Copenhagen on 23 April 2018. The formation meeting was attended by an all-female group of representatives from FCWG, UNODC, UNDP, INTERPOL and PescaDOLUS. The LE Femmes Network will function as a hub for women […]

FishCRIME 2018


PescaDOLUS is proud to be associated for the fourth year in a row with the hosting of the annual International Fisheries Crime Symposium. FishCRIME 2018 will take place on 15-16 October 2018 at the UN City in Copenhagen, Denmark. The focus of FishCRIME 2018 will be on advancing efforts towards high level political commitment to […]

FishCRIME 2018 planning meeting, UNCity, Denmark


The FishCRIME 2018 planning committee recently held its first official on-site meeting on 6 March at the UNCity, Copenhagen, Denmark, the venue of the upcoming FishCRIME 2018 Symposium. The planning meeting was attended by representatives of the co-organisers of the 2018 symposium including the Norwegian Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries, the Nordic Council of […]

International Symposium on FishCRIME

Highly organised, well-financed transnational criminal activities are taking place within the global fisheries sector. The illegal harvesting, processing and trading of fish globally is now being linked to a wider black economy, a parallel economic system that detracts from sustainable and sound national economic growth and is frequently linked to complex webs of organised crime. […]