PescaDOLUS Fisheries Crime Research Workshop: 27 September, Vienna


The first dedicated Fisheries Crime Research Workshop will be hosted by PescaDOLUS on 27 September in Vienna following FishCRIME 2017. Co-hosted by UNODC and funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers, the workshop brings together experts and researchers from multiple disciplines to share and integrate knowledge, tools and ways of thinking around the international challenge […]

UNODC launches its ‘Fisheries Crime’ focus sheet


The UNODC launched its ‘Fisheries Crime’ focus sheet at the CCPCJ. The focus sheet details the multifaceted nature and extent of transnational organised fisheries crime globally emphasising that it is a ‘complex crime demanding cooperative law enforcement’. Recommendations towards this end include enhanced cooperative criminal justice sector and law enforcement responses and policy and legislative […]

UNODC Fisheries Crime Expert Group Meeting


From 23-26 February members of PescaDOLUS and some of the authors of a book on international sea fisheries crime attended a UNODC Fisheries Crime Expert Group Meeting in Vienna, Austria.

Transnational crime in the fisheries sector tackled by global experts


Large scale criminal activity in the fisheries sector is rampant and highly lucrative. With these crimes frequently being of a transnational and largely organized nature, the sector is vulnerable to multiple issues including illegal fishing, corruption, document fraud, and human trafficking. The reality, as evidenced by a number of cases, is that fisheries offences – […]



The Centre for Law in Action (CLA) at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU) in Port Elizabeth, South Africa developed a proposal for the establishment of a training programme and academy for fisheries law enforcement officers, including Fisheries Control Officers (FCOs) and police. The proposal was submitted to NORAD. The project will aim to establish […]